Spring detoxification of the body 9. 4. 2014

Dear clients,

Do you suffer by the swelling, varicose veins, cellulite? You should try one of the most popular procedures of Santé Rehabilitation centre. During the April we offer you 15% discount for manual lymphatic drainage. More information here.

Sante News 8. 4. 2014

Dear clients,

We have prepared spring issue of SANTÉ NEWS which is full of new information, products and services. Find out more in our current newsletter. New information in Santé.

,,Vehicle testing stations for men - Early preventive examinations" 8. 4. 2014

Exclusively at Santé,

A unique partnership has been formed through the collaboration between Santé and the Petr Koukal Foundation. The "VEHICLE TESTING STATIONS FOR MEN" project offers a special preventive examination specially designed for men and men´s health. The project urges men to take the same care of their health as they do with their cars. More information here.


April for beautiful teeth - Offer is extended! 7. 4. 2014

Dear clients,

For the great success, the offer for dental hygiene and teeth whitening is extended until the end of April. Take advantage of this special offer. More information here.

Dentistry - We now offer treatment within the 24 hours from ordering 1. 4. 2014

Dear clients,

To meet your requirements and needs  we have extended the dental team with more experienced colleagues. Currently we treat each client with non-emergency problems within 24 hours from the order, including preventive examinations.       


Exhibition in Santé 1. 4. 2014

Dear clients,

we would like to inform you about the exhibition, “WORLD THROUGH THE HEART OF BOHUSLAVA ŠENKÝŘOVÁ ", which will take place in our clinic on the 8th of April 2014 at 17:00 pm. You are cordially invited.

Get vaccinated before you get attacked by a tick! 18. 3. 2014

Ticks are the most commoc source of a serious viral infectious disease tick-borne encephalitis.

Although the beginning of the tick season is different every year, you should be careful from about March onwards. So this month is the ideal time for vaccination or revaccination. More infrormations HERE.


Dear clients,

welcome spring with a bright smile and take advantage of special spring event. Santé offers you special discounts on dental hygiene and teeth whitening. 


Prevent colorectal cancer 14. 2. 2014

Dear clients,

Santé offers you a unique assesment - Prevent colorectal cancer.


Press Release 17. 1. 2014

Premium health care, prevention, and occupational health services under one roof - these are synonyms for the healthcare network Santé, whose 100% of shares were acquired at the turn of the year 2014 by the Bonn-based Company B•A•D GmbH.

The complete press release find HERE.

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